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An illustration of amyloid plaques within the human brain, characteristic features of Alzheimer’s. By 2060, approximately 14 million Americans are expected to have the disease. Kateryna Kon/Science Photo Library via Getty Images

The FDA approved a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s, but Medicare won’t always pay for it – a doctor explains what researchers know about Biogen’s Aduhelm

Although Medicare has agreed to pay for Aduhelm, its coverage comes with restrictions.
As the population of American Indian and Alaska Native adults ages, the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias – along with various chronic conditions – goes up. grandriver/E+ via Getty Images

Much of the cost of dementia care in aging Native American adults is due to hospitalization

A clearer understanding of the true treatment costs of dementia for American Indian and Alaska Native adults could help health services better meet the needs of the populations they serve.
Most South Asian people with dementia and their care partners did not know the signs and symptoms of dementia before their diagnosis. (Shutterstock)

Navigating dementia care in the South Asian community: Overcoming barriers and stigma

People living with dementia in the South Asian community often face challenges accessing care because of a lack of culturally appropriate services, language barriers or perceived stigma about dementia

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