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It’s not just greenhouse gases that affect climate: other air pollution could be changing atmospheric circulation. NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Poleward-shifting climate zones - where are they headed and why?

The Earth’s principal climatic zones appear to be shifting poleward. If this continues, as climate models project, the weather patterns that give rise to deserts in the subtropics, and stormy wet weather…
Locking carbon dioxide in soils and crops also stimulates emission of other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide, a study found, meaning the capacity of land ecosystems to slow climate warming may have been overestimated. Flickr/AndyCarvin

Land carbon offset capacity may have been overestimated

The ability of land ecosystems like crops and soils to slow down climate change may have been overestimated because some…
Households will bear more financial burdens as Gillard’s carbon tax regime matures. AAP

Carbon tax will make working families pay for problems markets created

The carbon tax is short-term carrot and long-term stick. The Coalition’s campaign against “a great big new tax” drove Gillard to introduce a tax for which most people and businesses affected will be compensated…

Fire could drive climate change

Fire – one of nature’s primary carbon-cycling mechanisms – will become an increasingly important driver of atmospheric change…

Carbon released at highest ever rates

The rate of release of carbon into the atmosphere is nearly ten times as fast as during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum…
The move away from nuclear energy may be counterproductive. Greenpeace Finland

We can’t abandon nuclear now

It won’t surprise many people that world carbon emissions have failed to slow down, but the fact we’re now at risk of surpassing targets set for nine years hence, intended to limit the global rise in temperature…
Not that large? $26 is the single most important number in Garnaut’s report. AAP

Is Garnaut’s $26 per tonne the right price for carbon?

The most important single number in the latest Garnaut Review is 26, the proposed starting value for the carbon tax, expressed in dollars per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted. By coincidence, this is exactly…

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