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Nine’s fundraiser for the Liberal party left journalists appalled, as they should have been. Julian Smith/AAP

Grattan on Friday: When schmoozing the PM gets you a black eye

While the Liberal party reaped mega dollars at Nine’s Monday fundraiser, Nine and its chief executive faced a backlash from staff at the company’s recently acquired former Fairfax newspapers.
A new TV show would have us believe a powerful hypnotist can make us do whatever he says while we are powerless to resist or even realise. Evan/Flickr

Don’t believe everything you see on TV: hypnosis is less far fetched and far more important

The new TV show You’re Back in the Room would have us believe a powerful hypnotist can make us do whatever he says. This is inconsistent with over 200 years of evidence from the science of hypnosis.
It’s an abuse of copyright to use it to stifle creativity – even the everyday, unglamorous kinds. Randi Boice

Reality bites: when copyright law and reality cooking meet, only the lawyers win

High-stress scenarios, flavoured with competitive chefs, and garnished with a panel of celebrity judges … what could possibly go wrong? The copyright spat between channels Seven and Nine is illustrative.
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has put media deregulation plans on the backburner, but that isn’t stopping market speculation of mergers to come. Dave Hunt/AAP

Nine and Fairfax Media streaming towards a full tango?

Communications Minister and internet evangelist, Malcolm Turnbull, says media deregulation is off the agenda for now and he’s in no rush to remove the remaining media ownership rules. The reason for the…
The Channel 9-Cricket Australia broadcast rights dispute drags on, now reaching the courts: could cricket broadcasting icon Richie Benaud soon be lost from our screens? AAP/Dean Lewins

When law, business and media collide, is sport the only loser?

Cricket Australia’s Supreme Court legal action against its host broadcaster of the past 36 years, Channel Nine, is the manifestation of an identifiable pattern. It continues a time-honoured practice in…
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s response to the Convergence Review includes significant benefits for commercial free-to-air broadcasters. AAP

Free-to-air broadcasters win big in government’s media reforms

Late on Friday 30 November, the day after the last parliamentary sitting day for the year, the government released its first official response to the Convergence Review. Seven months after the Review’s…
Nine CEO David Gyngell has secured a lifeline for the ailing television network. AAP

Debt deal saves Channel Nine — for now

Channel Nine is a station of two tales. The first is the positive story its viewers see: smiling in-house celebrities, reliable newsreaders, and blockbuster programs such as House Husbands, The Voice…

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