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Stephen Conroy’s media reform package has led to cries of media censorship - but do even conservative spruikers really believe this? AAP

From ‘hate media’ to another fine mess: How media reform got derailed

Since the day in November 2011 that Justice Ray Finkelstein and University of Canberra Professor Matthew Ricketson held court in Melbourne, the mainstream media has been hostile to any suggestion of media…
Senator Stephen Conroy did not have a mandate for significant change. AAP/Lukas Coch

Low-key Conroy proposals are media reform lite

Yesterday, communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy finally presented the government response to the Convergence Review and Finkelstein review. It is hard to know how many drafts of this long-awaited…
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s response to the Convergence Review includes significant benefits for commercial free-to-air broadcasters. AAP

Free-to-air broadcasters win big in government’s media reforms

Late on Friday 30 November, the day after the last parliamentary sitting day for the year, the government released its first official response to the Convergence Review. Seven months after the Review’s…
Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has stepped up his criticism of proposed new media regulation. AAP

Turnbull overlooks diversity in media regulation dismissal

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull is overlooking critical issues of diversity and public interest in dismissing the need for further media regulation, say media experts. Mr Turnbull…
If reports saying Julia Gillard reached a deal on media self-regulation are correct, it’s business as usual for media proprietors. AAP

Fear mongering over free speech taints the truth about media regulation

It seems that Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the gang of seven media bosses have buried their hatchets, reaching a compromise on media regulation. It’s to be business as usual, behind the starched-up…
Will Google be subject to Australian media regulation? Stuck in Customs

Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy

It’s been a remarkably busy year for Australian media policy. There have been three major reports released that address the future of media policy and regulation in the context of convergent media: the…
Limiting children’s access to now widespread “pornified” media will require serious political will. lamont_cranston/Flickr

Girls on film: could new regulations stop the sexualisation of children?

Soft porn music videos on television. Girls mini-mags featuring fashion and celebrity gossip at the supermarket checkout. Porn at eye-level in the petrol station. Billboards on the trips in between. As…
The Convergence Review came close to understanding the nature of user-generated content but not quite. Flickr/Bruce Clay, Inc

Convergence Review: a bet each way on user-generated content

The Australian Federal Government’s Convergence Review, released yesterday, had a mammoth task. It was trying to establish just how to regulate the future standards, conduct, and technical aspects of today’s…
Murdoch’s “blind eye” on managerial overcommitment – too many media outlets, too little time – is unsurprising. But we need some tough decisions on the balance between media self-regulation and public oversight. AAP

Murdoch and media regulation: blind eyes and broadcasters

What are we going to do about media regulation? This week saw release of the 81 page report of the Convergence Review, an Australian Government document that deals with broadcast regulation and offers…
Dull grey tone: media organisations are “Content service enterprises”, according to the Convergence Review. AAP

Convergence Review: media business as usual

The Convergence Review’s final report is remarkable for its blandness and predictability. Despite the cries of fear and loathing from the Murdoch stable that the cold hand of government intervention was…
The line between traditional and new media has now blurred into indistinguishability. flickr/francescominciotti

Convergence Review: tame cat Press Council gets playmate

It should be easy for the Gillard Government to accept the recommendations of the Convergence Review. On the surface it seems all very sensible: a converged Press Council and Australian Communications…
The Convergence review’s final recommendations have fallen short when it comes to Australian content. AAP/Dean Lewins

Convergence Review: missed opportunity with Australian content

The Convergence Review Final Report released yesterday appears at first blush to promise major changes to the Australian media landscape. The report flags the creation of a new communications regulator…
Seven West Media’s decision to withdraw from the Australian Press Council raises questions about the Australian commercial media’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and best practice. AAP

Self-regulation and a media we can trust?

When the report of the Independent Inquiry into the media and media regulation, aka Finkelstein inquiry, was released some time ago, it was denounced as sinister and – like the Leveson Inquiry in the UK…
New platforms and services will face the same requirements for content as traditional media. AAP

Convergence Review heralds a dramatic shift in Australian media

Light on detail and raising many more questions than it answers, yesterday’s Convergence Review interim report is still bold and far-reaching, driven by a fundamentally optimistic view of the future for…

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