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Dull grey tone: media organisations are “Content service enterprises”, according to the Convergence Review. AAP

Convergence Review: media business as usual

The Convergence Review’s final report is remarkable for its blandness and predictability. Despite the cries of fear and loathing from the Murdoch stable that the cold hand of government intervention was…
Former Federal court judge Roy Finkelstein (centre) has delivered his media inquiry report. AAP/Dean Lewins

Finkelstein inquiry report cause for ‘cautious optimism’

It was a pleasant surprise that the independent Australian media inquiry, examining print, online and the role of the self-regulatory body, the Australian Press Council, was, for the most part, a satisfying…
Former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein spent five months considering more than 60 submissions from 22 organisations. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

The Finkelstein Inquiry into media regulation: Experts respond

An independent inquiry has found that the way media is regulated in Australia is not rigorous enough to ensure accountability and transparency. It proposes that a new statutory body, the News Media Council…
Former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein has spent five months considering more than 60 submissions from 22 organisations. AAP/Dean Lewins

Finkelstein review calls for new statutory regulator to oversee media

An independent inquiry into media regulation has recommended that a statutory watchdog be given the power to set journalistic standards for all news organisations, and to order them to publish apologies…
Ray Finkelstein and Matthew Ricketson look like they’re leaning towards recommending a single regulatory body for all media platforms. AAP/Dean Lewins

Media Inquiry misses the point, as the news crisis worsens

It seems that despite their sometimes bitter commercial rivalry, the Fairfax and News Limited empires agree on one thing: the Finkelstein Media Inquiry has been a giant waste of time and money. Both have…
Letting readers comment can direct journalism and make accountability a reality. Flickr/Cayusa

Media Inquiry day two: Embracing the cacophony

On day two of the Media Inquiry, unconstrained online speech figured as a danger to democracy, rather than a new avenue for discussing media ethics and journalistic transparency. Justice Finkelstein opened…
The media can’t get enough of the controversy whipped up by climate sceptics. Mat McDermott

Improving climate change reportage – a must for the media enquiry

When announcing the media enquiry in September this year, Senator Conroy committed to regulatory processes that support “a healthy and independent media that is able to fulfill its essential democratic…
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy announces the media inquiry in September. AAP/Lucas Coch

Media inquiry day one: Chicken Little takes the floor

As journalists and academics got ready to outline a new media order at the Finkelstein inquiry yesterday, anti-regulationists lined up to dismiss the process with bipartisan relish. On day one of the inquiry…
Media ownership is much more concentrated in Australia than in the UK, where it is under scrutiny. AAP/Dean Lewins

The online test for media inquiries

A profound shift is underway in the global news media industries. As the extensive police investigation and judicial inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking scandal continue in the UK, News Corporation…
The Murdoch crisis in the UK raises many questions about media ownership in Australia. AAP/William West

Media ownership matters: why politicians need to take on proprietors

The Gillard Government’s media inquiry is to disregard the crucial issues of bias and concentration of media ownership, despite Bob Brown’s demands for wider terms of reference. This is, at best, misled…

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