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Ultimately, whether or not you consider Australia to be secular depends on the definition of secularism used. shutterstock

Is Australia a secular country? It depends what you mean

Australia has a form of secularism where religion is allowed in the public sphere. As long as religion remains one voice and one option among many, the nation will still be secular.
Abandon hope? The former Abu Ghraib prison. EPA/Khampha Bouaphanh

The US has no excuse not to prosecute CIA torturers

Ever since the US Senate’s devastating report into the CIA interrogation practices, which concluded the agency’s conduct amounted to torture, the debate over how to punish those responsible has gone unanswered…
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor in Leidschendam, Netherlands, 05 August 2010. EPA/Vincent Jannink/POOP

The Charles Taylor verdict: a step forward for the women of Sierra Leone

The recent decision of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (Special Court) in the trial of former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor, is a landmark and historic verdict. Why is the judgement an important…

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