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The heavy truck that was driven into a crowd at high speed killing scores on Bastille Day in Nice. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Making sense of the local soldiers of the global jihad

The Bastille Day attack in Nice – committed by an individual unknown to French security services – marks the evolution of radicalisation in many ways.
Vladimir Putin and friends at the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) summit in September 2015. EPA/Mikhail Klimentyev/Ria Novosti

What are Russia’s grand designs in Central Asia?

A renewed security focus on Afghanistan is part of Vladimir Putin’s plan to re-energise Russia’s vision of a ‘Greater Eurasia’.
Moroccan woman Samira Yerou is arrested at Barcelona airport in March on suspicion of attempting to join IS militants in Syria. REUTERS/Spanish Interior Ministry/Handout via Reuters

How narratives around violent women warp our view of female jihadis

Western media tropes of black widows, deviant sexuality and unthinking compliance fail to explain why violence crosses the gender divide.
Faster, Higher, Stronger … Safer?

Keeping Sochi secure is Putin’s most serious challenge

One thing dominates the Sochi Olympics as nothing else: the towering summits of the Caucasus mountains. To begin with, it may strike a first-time visitor as strange that this seaside resort is to host…
Thermal imaging of Dzhokhar Tsaeraev hiding from police in a boat in a Boston backyard. But was he motivated in his attacks by the war in his native Chechnya? EPA/Massachusetts State Police

Boston bombings: were the Tsarnaev brothers driven by motives other than the Chechen conflict?

The received wisdom is that the Tsarnaev brothers launched their attack on the Boston Marathon to advance the cause of their fellow Chechens. But is this correct? Two notable Chechens are absent from the…

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