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In the good old days you could spot a robber from his glossy finish. foilman

How to commit a bank robbery (or stop one) using the internet

Two recent incidents have shown that you no longer need to risk life and limb to rob a bank. In September, an attempted cyber-robbery at a London branch of Santander was stopped in its tracks and shortly…
It’s just a twinge, doctor, but it’s every time I take my face off. JD Hancock

Your body is the next frontier in cybercrime

If you think it’s enough of a chore trying to stop thieves stealing your credit card details and hacking your Facebook, imagine…
Many internet users don’t know what they’re clicking on. drubuntu

Malware hits new low with abuse image attacks

The Internet Watch Foundation, an organisation that aims to eliminate access to indecent images of children online, says it has received 227 reports in the past six weeks of business websites being compromised…
Hacker to mastercrook by way of HMP Pentonville. DFectuoso

Locking up hackers could do more harm than good

Following an agreement in the European Parliament on the 4th July, EU countries are to strengthen their domestic laws against the more serious forms of cyber-crime. We can now expect to see prison sentences…
Should the arrest of Arthur Budovsky, founder of online currency exchange Liberty Reserve concern other online models that use anonymity as part of their model?

Does anonymity mean criminality? Bitcoin feels Liberty Reserve pressure

The shutdown of online currency exchange Liberty Reserve and the arrest of its CEO and founder Arthur Budovsky may not have surprised some in the security industry. The company did not require its users…
You’ve got a message. Hackers knew that before you. Akshat Rathi

The real phone hacking scandal is in your pocket

There are now more mobile devices than people on our planet. The amount of personal data we share through mobile devices is also increasing. So it is not surprising that cyber-criminals want a piece of…
Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak shut down the country’s internet in 2011 in an effort to stop the uprising. But does Syria’s recent online blackout have a darker motive? Mataparda

Syria is back online – so who has the internet kill switch?

Syrian residents found themselves without the internet for some 19 hours on May 7 and 8, in what many see as a long-term government campaign to use the internet as method of state control. According to…
Basic tenets of internet security are being ignored by some users and website developers. dustball

The ABC’s website has been hacked … but how?

Yesterday the ABC was attacked, supposedly in response to the network giving coverage to an Australian visit by the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders. A Twitter user, “Phr0zenMyst”, claimed…
Facebook is no slouch at putting names to faces. christoph_aigner

Facebook tagging and face recognition should be restricted

It may be time to move beyond Facebook’s assurance of its trustworthiness and specifically restrict the company’s use of face recognition. Changes within Facebook Europe would seem to suggest so. For gullible…
Robbie Farah has called for Twitter trolls to be made accountable for their actions … but he could be in strife himself. AAP/April Fonti

Farah twitter storm shows it’s women who are trolled the worst

Online harassment against two prominent Australian personalities within the last fortnight has ignited fresh calls for the regulation of cyber “trolling”. The recent episodes experienced by television…
Websites and social networking sites must be designed to be defensible. Z33 art centre, Hasselt

Cutting cybercrime is a question of smart design

Is it possible to “design out” online crime? It’s definitely worth a try. Back in 1989, the Australian Institute of Criminology released a report containing advice for home-owners and builders to manipulate…

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