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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is an unabashed ally of the fossil fuels – industry his agency is supposed to regulate. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Trump administration’s zeal to peel back regulations is leading us to another era of robber barons

The Trump administration is committed to deregulating industry, as it's done with the EPA Clean Power Plan. But a historian shows how regulations have actually benefited both industry and consumers.
Decreased regulation has failed to reduce the growing administrative burden of health care. Valeri Potapova/

Why market competition has not brought down health care costs

GOP lawmakers say their bills to replace the Affordable Care Act would do a better job than the ACA of controlling rising health care costs, but 40 years of deregulation show it just won't work.
Deregulating TAFE would have serious impacts for the labour market. from

Deregulating TAFE is a big risk to the labour market

The risks posed by deregulating the vocational education and training sector have serious impacts for large sections of the labour market.
The entry into the market of new media and new players hasn’t altered the value of local content for people in regional and rural Australia. Wikipedia/Bidgee

The myths big media peddle to demand deregulation

Some of the bush tales about regional news that are circulating in the ongoing debate about media reform need to be debunked.
Australia’s gas market is entering a time of change: increasing supply, such as coal seam gas, can provide certainty. Ben Jenkins/Flickr

Coal seam gas can provide certainty in a time of market chaos

Australia's "looming gas shortage" - the basis for calls to deregulate coal seam gas - may not be real after all. But gas prices are still set to rise, and that's an area where coal seam gas could help.
Josh Frydenberg, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, wants policymakers to see regulation in a new light. Alan Porritt/AAP

Metadata and jobseeker plans contradict red tape target

The Australian government’s target of A$1 billion of red-tape savings for the year is now in sight ($700 million up to March 2014 and a claimed $300 million from the carbon tax repeal plus Future of Financial…
Repeal Day: liberating business, or pure politics? Alan Porritt/AAP

Repeal day an exercise in deregulation smoke and mirrors

Repeal day – a political stunt copied from David Cameron’s government in the UK – will go ahead in Australia this Wednesday. The very fact the government plans to repeal some 10,000 regulations suggests…
Red tape is just the start of Australia’s workers compensation problems. Sarahptor/Flickr

Workers’ comp needs real reform, not ‘red tape’ fiddling

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “biggest bonfire of regulation in our country’s history” will allow some organisations to opt out of state compensation schemes and instead operate under the Commonwealth’s…
Prime minister Tony Abbott said too many unnecessary regulations were costing businesses and hurting productivity. AAP/Daniel Munoz

Abbott claims $700m in red tape savings for business

Prime minister Tony Abbott said his government would create “the biggest bonfire of regulations in our country’s history…
Workers with skills and motivation perform at a higher level, regardless of workplace reform. Salle-Ann/Flickr

Workplace deregulation won’t boost productivity

Arguments for reform of workplace relations never go away. The central claim made by numerous commentators is that reform aimed at “freeing up” the labour market and workplaces is the key to improving…

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