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Robert Cadzow, 13, with brother Adam, 13, and mum Frances, using a gentle postural care system to align his body shape. David Cadzow

Poor posture in people with disabilities can be fatal

Good posture is important for everyone – but for people with disabilities it can be a life saver.
Everything provided under the NDIS already has to meet the test of being ‘reasonable and necessary’. Image from

Disability funding is no charity – it’s an investment

Treasurer Joe Hockey warned earlier this week of a “massive blowout” in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if the system wasn’t made more efficient. This follows subtle re-positioning of the…
People living in the remote communities face system failures in health care, disability services, housing and infrastructure. Flickr/publik

Why Indigenous Australians need a properly funded NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) presents an overwhelming opportunity to revolutionise the care and support given to Indigenous people. But the equity of the scheme is already at risk, with…
The integrity of the scheme relies on listening to the people whose lives are affected by disability. Image from

DisabilityCare now a reality but how can we protect its future?

Legend has it that before the introduction of Medibank (now Medicare) in 1974, then-prime minister Gough Whitlam convinced the premiers at a Commonwealth-states meeting to introduce a national disability…

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