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The G20 of today faces a different type of crisis to the one it was founded on. Jason Hargrove/Flickr

A history of crisis: can the G20 save capitalism from itself?

To understand this week’s G20 Summit being held in Brisbane, Australia, and measure its success, requires a sense of the history of economic crisis and change. Recurring crises have shaped global institutions…
Will the global community definitively stigmatise Russia as an international pariah until it renounces the use of force to challenge a UN member’s territorial integrity? EPA/Alexey Nikolsky

What can Australia and the global community do about Russia?

The international community has been impotent since Russia responded to the November 2013 Ukraine crisis with force, culminating in annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea this month. The G7’s…
The fragile five economies have become surrogates for the developing world in meetings like the G20. Shutterstock

Explainer: the G20 and the fragile five

Financial markets love to come up with snappy acronyms – you have all heard of BRICS, but there are many others, with the “fragile five” being the latest. The BIITS - Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa…
Blue sky thinking in St Petersburg. victorgrigas

Powerful and plural G20 is worth listening to

The G20 Summit brings together in St Petersburg, Russia a remarkably diverse and powerful collection of states. It is a unique experiment in global governance, signalling the end of dominance by a few…
The survival of Pacific Island tax havens depends on a bigger struggle between the Global North and the Global South. Shutterstock

Pacific Islands shine light on larger tax-haven fight

The role of offshore tax havens have come under increasing fire amid growing global concern over tax revenues, with a calls for greater transparency from the recent G8 summit and the recommendation of…
Committing to open data goes beyond government charters. opensourceway

Can the G8 Open Data Charter deliver real transparency?

Last week G8 leaders signed up to an Open Data Charter, calling for government datasets to be “open data by default”. Open data has risen up the government agenda in the UK over the last three years, with…
On the hunt for rogue internet cafes. Niall Carson/PA

Is it really worth bugging? A guide to the G8

So what’s so special about this lot? Who decides which countries get to be in the gang? Can you get kicked out? How does it stack up against the G20? If spies were to listen in, would they hear anything…
The main trade deals are not struck through the G8. Gareth Fuller/PA

The G8 talks trade, but the big deals are done elsewhere

Trade is one of the big buzzwords at this G8 summit. Along with tax and transparency, it makes up the “three T” priorities for the UK’s presidency of the group. But it is not at all clear whether multilateral…
Thumbs up if you want a fair tax system. Jonathan Porter / Oxfam

Leaders will talk tough on tax, but action may be beyond G8

When the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies gather in Northern Ireland on Monday, one issue will overshadow all others: tax. For years the matter of how global corporations engage with offshore…
The Northern Irish market town of Enniskillen will host the G8 in June. But the failure of HBOS - which owned the local luxury hotel hosting the event - could overshadow the area’s natural attractions.

Luxury Irish digs for G8 leaders - but HBOS failure there for all to see

The decision by the United Kingdom to host the upcoming G8 in a luxury resort outside the small market town of Enniskillen may well come back to haunt it. When British Prime Minister David Cameron announced…
The G8’s communique embracing employment following the weekend’s meeting alters a 30 year focus on inflation.. AAP/White House

The G8’s cautious new direction away from an old enemy

The G8 leaders’ cautious embrace of “growth and jobs” on the weekend has momentarily buoyed international markets, but significantly, altered a 30-year focus on inflation. For more than three decades…

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