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Forgot your purse? Don’t worry - read on for digital payment options.

From your wallet to Google Wallet: your digital payment options

Money has come a long way from gold coins stamped with the Emperor’s likeness. Today, the vast majority of money is digitised - in the US, notes and coins comprise only 7% of cash in circulation. So with…
Fabric and leather wallets are so early 21st century. PrettyCoolShops

Digital economy: why tech firms want a piece of your wallet

Banks, financial institutions and now internet service providers such as Google are falling over each other to gain a share of your wallet – your digital wallet to be precise. Of course, not all of us…
Carrying cards and cash on your phone seems like a big call. Google

Is Google Wallet a virtual game-changer?

So it’s finally here: Google Wallet, a free Android app that turns your (Google) smartphone into a mobile payment system, launched today. To do this, the company has partnered with Citi, MasterCard, First…

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