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These twitches tend to appear after exercise, when people are stressed, tired or are lacking nutrients in their diet. from

Why is my eye twitching?

You’re sitting in a meeting and your left eyelid is twitching uncontrollably. You wonder if the person opposite can see it, and why it’s happening.
Necessary? Or paranoid waste of time? from

Do we really have to wash fruit and vegetables?

We’ve always been taught fresh produce might not be safe to eat straight out of the supermarket, and it has to be washed first. Is this the case? What about ones labelled “ready to eat”?
It’s OK to put your head under but try not to drink the water.

What lies beneath: the bugs lurking in your swimming pool

Summer holidays are upon as, and many of us finally get to spend some lazy days by the pool. But how can you ensure this pleasant experience doesn’t leave you with any nasty surprises?
They land on dead animals and poop, and then on our food. If we see a fly on our Christmas lunch, should we throw it away? Author Provided

Should I throw away food once a fly has landed on it?

It only takes a single fly to alight on your picnic lunch to make you uneasy about what germs may have landed with it. But what harm can come from a fly landing on your food? Should you throw it away?

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