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Port Soy Harbour in the Grampian region of Scotland which, along with the Highlands, has a high rate of Huntington’s, partly due to ancestral susceptibility to the disease. Helen Hotson/Shutterstock

Huntington’s disease: northern Scotland has one of world’s highest rates and rising sharply – here’s why

Better awareness of the disease has led to more testing, but there is also an ancestral element to explaining its proliferation in the UK’s far north.
The human brain leaves computers behind with its endless capacity for problem solving, innovation and invention. Humphrey King/Flickr

Health Check: four key ways to improve your brain health

The human brain is the most extraordinary and complex object in the known universe, a kilogram and a half of soft tissue that, at its peak, leaves computers behind with its endless capacity for problem…
Still could go one way or another. Harsh Vardhan

Expert warns caution over possibility of Alzheimer’s pill

It has been described as a historical “turning point” in Alzheimer’s treatment - the first time a chemical has been found that can halt the death of brain tissue in a neurodegenerative disease, and could…
Neuroplasticity refers to the way in which the cells in the brain change in response to experience. Hey Paul Studios

Explainer: nature, nurture and neuroplasticity

The human brain is the most complex and extraordinary structure in the known universe. And while there are many awe-inspiring facets of the brain, I will focus here on “neuroplasticity”, a term that has…

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