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The Turnbull government’s ‘ideas boom’ is not that dissimilar to innovation plans that have come before it. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Turnbull still hasn’t sold us on the innovation dream

For many, innovation is perceived as a precursor to more unwelcome changes at work and potentially to job losses, but innovation is about more than increasing corporate profits.
All eyes are now on Malcolm Turnbull to help deliver on his pitch to transition the economy. Sam Mooy/AAP

Budget does little to help ‘transition’ the economy

We have to look very hard to find the “ideas boom” in this budget.
The National Library of Australia safeguards one of Australia’s most important living archives. Paul Hagon

Treasure Trove: why defunding Trove leaves Australia poorer

Australia has one of the world’s best reference libraries, available freely to anyone with an internet connection. Severe funding cuts will cripple Trove’s capacity – and that should worry everyone.

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