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An Eritrean refugee at ‘The Jungle’ camp in the port of Calais. Thousands of Eritreans flee repression at home to seek a better life elsewhere. EPA/Stephanie Lecocq

A quarter of a century after independence Eritreans still yearn for freedom

Eritrea achieved independence 25 years ago amid high expectations for its future. Today, the country’s youth make up a large portion of the refugees risking their lives for a better future in Europe.
Home to many Scots, including this Highland terrier, is now on the other side of the world in Australia. None of them get to vote but they are still deeply affected by Scotland’s independence referendum. Kelly Hunter/Flickr

Yes or No? The moment for Scots when extremes of their being meet

The upcoming referendum in Scotland is premised on a simple “yes” or “no” vote: should Scotland be an independent country? Except it’s not so simple. It’s a deeply personal question for the nation and…

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