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Many homeless shelters are designed to house as many people as possible — not to empower them while they’re there. Reuters/Brian Snyder

Shelter design can help people recover from homelessness

Studies show that people’s environments influence their mood. The same is true of homeless shelters, which can either help or hurt residents’ psychological well-being — and, possibly, their futures.
Dancing sunlight patterns reflected onto an interior ceiling from a wind-disturbed external water surface. Kevin Nute

The next step in sustainable design: Bringing the weather indoors

Research shows that bringing nature indoors, in the form of movement created by light, wind and water, makes occupants calmer and more productive. It also could promote interest in sustainable design.
US President Donald Trump, flanked by Senior Advisor Jared Kushner (standing, L-R), Vice President Mike Pence, Staff Secretary Rob Porter and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus - in front of the new Oval Office gold curtains. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Going for gold: Trump, Louis XIV and interior design

Yellow-gold, swagged curtains have appeared in the Oval Office. But if Donald Trump wants to emulate the Sun King, he would be advised to look to contemporary artists and designers for inspiration.
Planet Krypton? Nope, it’s the Shanghai skyline. Sparkjet

Inside out: why do so many great buildings have drab interiors?

For me, one of the most exciting features of Superman’s comic strip adventures would occur when he travelled into the Fourth Dimension to visit his parents Lara and Jor-El on their planet Krypton. He would…
Open-plan layouts showed considerably higher dissatisfaction rates than enclosed office layouts, the data showed. John Blower

Open plan offices attract highest levels of worker dissatisfaction: study

Open plan offices attract the highest levels of worker dissatisfaction, with cramped quarters, lack of privacy and noise topping the list of gripes, a large study has found. An open plan workplace, in…

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