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Do dollhouses possess the potential to inspire young girls to design and build? Kosamtu via Getty Images

A Barbie dollhouse and a field trip led me to become an architect − now I lead a program that teaches architecture to mostly young women in South Central Los Angeles

Women are underrepresented in architecture, occupying just 25% of jobs in the field. An architecture professor shares insights from her childhood on how those numbers can be turned around.
Ongoing rescue operation by firefighters burned residential buildings in Valencia, Spain - 23 February 2024. Dina Mukhutdinova/Shutterstock

Valencia apartment block fire: can safety regulations keep up with innovation in construction?

Following the tragic, devastating apartment block fire in Eastern Spain, questions are being asked about fire safety, and how it can keep pace with new technology and construction techniques.
Artist AbdulAlim U-K (Aikin Karr) combines the fractal structure of traditional African architecture with emerging technologies in computer graphics. AbdulAlim U-K

Heritage algorithms combine the rigors of science with the infinite possibilities of art and design

By bridging culture and computation, heritage algorithms challenge the myth of ‘primitive cultures’ and forge a new understanding of science and art.

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