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Journalism students at Oaklea Middle School, Junction City, Oregon. Journalistic Learning Initiative

How a journalism class is teaching middle schoolers to fight fake news

Students in high school now will be eligible to vote during the 2020 election cycle. How can we prepare them to become informed citizens in an era of misinformation, where anyone can publish anything?
Journalists with the skills to dig into social media can discover connections between key players in complex, often global stories. Mathias Rosenthal via

How social media is helping Australian journalists uncover stories hidden in plain sight

From a social media post that cracked open a decades-old abuse scandal in the UK and Australia, through to tracking asylum seekers, social media can be vital in breaking investigative news stories.
Russians protesting murder of crusading journalist Anna Politkavskaya. Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

How do you frighten political strongmen? Teach journalism.

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine stood talking before an attentive group in a hotel conference room when the doors burst open and six stern-faced government agents strode in and demanded he halt the…
A new book argues for an ambitious rethinking of how journalists are trained, arguing universities should aim to create ‘knowledge journalists’ with deep specialist areas of expertise. Sean Savage

Book review: Informing the News – The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism

Journalists and their editors can be rude about schools of journalism. When Columbia University cut its journalism program from two years to one year, the New York Daily News called it “a step in the right…

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