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If Kevin Rudd replaces Julia Gillard as Labor leader next week, constitutional conventions dictate that he may not necessarily become prime minister again. AAP/Julian Smith

An end to the Rudd-Gillard battle?

If some reports are to be believed, Kevin Rudd will replace Julia Gillard as leader of the ALP and become prime minister again by the end of next week. This raises questions about the political and constitutional…
Kevin Rudd’s campaigning today will be a reminder to the caucus of his popularity among people. AAP/Dave Hunt

Grattan on Friday: caucus members are sitting on a powder keg

Kevin Rudd will hit western Sydney today to do some high profile campaigning. For Labor, he would say. For the leadership, others would note. Rudd will be mobbed. He’ll visit schools in the electorates…
No blood was spilt today in parliament, but we still had a leadership spill. Spill image from

Explainer: how does a leadership spill work?

After a harrowing day in parliament, the Labor party saw a leadership spill and Prime Minister Gillard was returned as leader. The only thing was… no one contested the top spot and Julia Gillard’s name…

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