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The problem for Gillard has always been the ‘Rudd-factor’, and arguably her prime ministership never got off the ground. AAP/Alan Porritt

The leadership war is over – where to from here for the ALP?

Australia’s 43rd federal parliament has proven that politics is anything but boring. Capping off a day when the two independent kingmakers, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, announced that they would not…
Is the decision to re-install Kevin Rudd as leader of the ALP and of the country an affront to Australian democracy? AAP/Alan Porritt

Once bitten, twice shy: Labor again betrays the Australian people

The decision by the Labor caucus to minimise the electoral damage in September and return Kevin Rudd to the party leadership was short-sighted and ultimately self-destructive. More importantly, it operated…
Kevin Rudd wants to mess with Tony Abbott’s head. AAP/Alan Porritt

Grattan on Friday: Kevin Rudd and the narrative of the house

In March 2010 PM Kevin Rudd faced off against opposition leader Tony Abbott at the National Press Club in a debate about health policy. Three months later Rudd would be deposed by his own party. One criticism…
Now that the Labor leadership issue has been resolved once and for all, the attention will soon turn to the opposition’s attempts to win government at the election. AAP/Alan Porritt

Back to the opposition: bring on the policies

With such unprecedented turmoil inside the Labor Party over leadership it is not surprising that we have all forgotten about the opposition. You know, the government-in-waiting, the other mob, the Coalition…
Could a corporation get away with running itself the way the ALP has handled its leadership woes? AAP

Labor could look to business to regain the lost art of leadership

Yesterday’s events around Labor’s leadership were stunning. Julia Gillard emerged victorious but polls will no doubt continue to predict a huge loss for this Government on election day and MPs in marginal…
No blood was spilt today in parliament, but we still had a leadership spill. Spill image from

Explainer: how does a leadership spill work?

After a harrowing day in parliament, the Labor party saw a leadership spill and Prime Minister Gillard was returned as leader. The only thing was… no one contested the top spot and Julia Gillard’s name…
Gillard had a strong performance after yesterday’s leadership ballot, but there’s still a long way to go. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Cautious optimism for Gillard on one of Canberra’s strangest days

One of Julia Gillard’s better days in Australian politics was nonetheless brought to an unusual end yesterday with the resignation of Mark Arbib. The former right faction leader, who most recently served…
Gillard had strong support from caucus this morning. AAP/Alan Porritt

Julia Gillard wins ALP leadership spill: expert reaction

Prime minister Julia Gillard has defeated Kevin Rudd in this morning’s leadership ballot by 71 votes to 31. Rudd has said he will not initiate a further challenge to the prime minister’s leadership, but…
The process Labor uses to remove and replace parliamentary leaders contains some surprises. AAP/John Pryke

Labor leadership spill: the rules of the game

At 10am today, the Labor caucus will meet to settle the leadership battle between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. But how does the leadership selection process actually work? While the contest between Gillard…
Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein spend their Sunday morning at church rather than in front of a TV. AAP/Dave Hunt

Easy like a Sunday morning political TV show: how Kevin and Julia fared

Sunday mornings are special. Sure, 99% of the non-political world is sound asleep (or still attempting to make their way home after a night on the town), but for many political enthusiasts Sunday mornings…
Julia Gillard never had the courage to confront Kevin Rudd. ABC News 24

Kevin Rudd has the courage to lead that Julia Gillard lacks

Kevin Rudd has formally announced he will contest the Labor leadership in a ballot on Monday. This is just the latest act in the pantomime of Australian politics. This drama production is an indulgence…
Can Kevin Rudd in 2012 be a different kind of leader to the Kevin Rudd of 2010? AAP

Sure we can change leaders, but can a leader change?

As a Monday showdown looms, one of the big questions being asked by members of the Labor caucus is whether Kevin Rudd in 2012 can be a different kind of the leader to the Kevin Rudd of 2010. Even as Rudd…
Rudd’s style is individualistic, Gillard prefers a more consultative approach. AAP/Alan Porritt

Rudd’s presidential politics vs Gillard’s Westminster wisdom: who will win out in the style battle?

It is fitting that Kevin Rudd’s official campaign for a return to the Labor leadership commenced in the United States, for his political project is one forged in the image of what many Australians imagine…

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