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Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney at a smoking ceremony during the opening of the 47th Federal Parliament at Parliament House. Mick Tsikas/AAP Image

Women in the Labor party are leading the way in increasing Indigenous representation

A record 11 Indigenous representatives are now in federal parliament, most of them women. But despite the improvement in representation, research tells us their road ahead won’t be an easy one.
Government ministers have defended Centrelink’s debt recovery processes as ‘working’ following an ongoing controversy. AAP/Julian Smith

Note to Centrelink: Australian workers’ lives have changed

Centrelink’s debt recovery problems reflect an over-simplistic application of policy to the complexity of workers’ lives in a flexible labour market.
The format of the ABC program Recognition: Yes or No? is problematic, and the choice of voices particularly so. ABC Publicity

Recognition: Yes or No? The ABC asks the wrong questions of the wrong people

The ABC has missed a rare opportunity to deeply engage with the diversity of views among Indigenous Australians about whether and how they should be ‘recognised’ in the Constitution.
The federal parliamentary left is set to dump Kim Carr, who has been spokesman on higher education and industry. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Bitter row over move to dump Kim Carr from Labor frontbench

A brawl over Labor’s frontbench reshuffle deepened on Wednesday night when the Victorian Socialist Left executive dug in behind embattled senator Kim Carr.

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