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Lolabelle, the artist and musician Laurie Anderson’s dog being taught how to play the piano.

All dogs go to heaven

In many cultures and religions dogs are more than protection and security. But do they have an after-life?
“Lou Reed had always been good at stories. Plots. Characters. Tiny novels put to music.” Frank May/EPA

Punk’s fairy godfather: Go-Between John Willsteed on Lou Reed

On the way in to work, I heard someone on talkback radio, sharing about Lou. He had driven Mr Reed around Brisbane when he was there in 1974. All Lou wanted to do was to go shopping. Record shopping. What…
Reed, who died today, knew how to place himself at the centre. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Transformer: the other faces of Lou Reed

The plaudits have arrived very quickly for Lou Reed, who has died aged 71. He is clearly regarded as a towering figure, credited with playing a central role in creating one of the most influential albums…
Reed’s death – like his life – is generating headlines and strong emotions.

The art of rock remembrance: RIP Lou Reed

The death of Lou Reed today, aged 71, is unquestionably a sad day for popular music. Already Rolling Stone has compiled a genre-defined obit focusing on how Reed worked as a Transformer (pun intended…

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