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The Gillard government’s Industry and Innovation Statement aims to revive an ailing manufacturing sector and address Australia’s flagging productivity. AAP

Labor’s innovation plan provides hope for Australian manufacturing

While its launch in the heat of election battle was hardly propitious, the federal government’s new Industry and Innovation Statement, A Plan for Australian Jobs, is the long-awaited result of a serious…
Prepare for more handouts: the taxpayer is the meat in the sandwich between politicians and manuocrats - those who believe the source of all our wealth is manufacturing. AAP

2013: The battle between the taxpayers and the manuocrats

The battleground between business, taxpayers and government for 2013 is taking shape. It is manufacturing and jobs. On Wednesday, building materials company Boral announced at least 700 job cuts in Australia…
Instead of relying on unconditional government largess, car companies in Australia should be asked to provide guarantees. AAP

Moving the car industry debate beyond a squabble over subsidies

A famous quote from Albert Einstein states that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. Yet this is exactly what has occurred in the car industry which has…
With the government embroiled in an argument about how the level of car subsidies it pays, it’s time for a cost-benefit analysis that factors in the industry’s economic flow-on effects.

Concentrating on the costs of the car industry means we are failing to see the benefits

There are four facts we have all become aware of in the past few days – if not months – regarding car manufacturing subsidies. Fact 1: A lot of money has been given to Australian car manufacturers over…
The Manufacturing Taskforce has delivered 41 recommendations across all levels of of the economy: but the sheer breadth may prove hardest to implement. AAP

Some big ideas for manufacturing, but will they happen?

The recently released Report of the Non-Government Members of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Task Force provides a comprehensive and well-considered blueprint for the future of Australia’s manufacturing…
Innovation hubs, such as this one in Florida, are seen as one way to encourage industry and public sector partnerships.

Universities Australia criticises manufacturing taskforce

Peak body Universities Australia has criticised the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce for understating the value of basic research as a contributor to innovation. The Taskforce has recommended that…
Manufacturing has a future in Australia - but only if it can reposition itself up the global value chain.

The blueprint for a smarter Australia starts with manufacturing

Can anything new be said about the future of manufacturing in Australia? Yesterday’s report, Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia submitted yesterday to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is a detailed…
The prime minister’s manufacturing taskforce calls for researchers, research agencies and business to work together to encourage innovation. AAP

Taskforce calls for more manufacturing-related research, sovereign wealth fund

The Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Manufacturing has made 41 recommendations to address the major challenges facing Australia’s manufacturing sector, including diverting funds into manufacturing-related…

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