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There are some cities which score highly in both measures of the innovation index, like Hobart. Dave Hunt/AAP

Here’s 49 small communities innovating as well as the big cities

Innovation is focused on regional centres that have research and development institutions, but more than 150 regional areas have potential to match this innovation, research finds.
John Howland and Dr Mark Bilandzic, winners of the Digital Media mashup award in the Libraryhack 2011 at The Edge, State Library of Queensland. Libraryhack

Australia needs an innovation ‘skunkworks’

Innovation precincts are great, but what Australia really needs is a creative space that brings thinkers and doers together to help spark start-ups.
International experience highlights five areas that present profitable lessons for Australia. Martin Fisch/Flickr

Five things about innovation Australia can learn from other countries

More than 60 Australian government reports have identified direction, planning and leadership as keys to creating an innovative nation. Here’s five things other countries have done to lead the way.
Yes, libraries have a place and function - but academics and researchers can get along just fine without them. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

How good librarians have made themselves obsolete to some users

Libraries are warm, dry and safe spaces with free Internet, which many people need. But academics and researchers in the 21st century can get along very well without them.
Science incubator with food. EPA

Can science eliminate extreme poverty?

Science has often come to the rescue when it comes to the world’s big problems, be it the Green Revolution that helped avoid mass starvation or the small pox vaccine that eradicated the disease. There…
There’s no one recipe for creating ‘innovation hubs’ but Australia can look to some of the success stories for answers. Technology image from

Could Australia ever have its own Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a bit like the ancient city of Babylon. A confluence of the right geography, right timing, and the right mix in the melting pot allowed them both to thrive. Even the mythological status…
It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with it. Gold image from

Research is useless, innovation is gold

Most agree that it’s worth knowing more about the world and everything in it. Research, in that sense, is intrinsically valuable. But for pragmatic governments, intrinsic scientific or scholarly worth…
Labor’s jobs package provides its future direction for industry for the first time; but can it deliver, and more importantly, will it survive political opposition? AAP

Planning for a blue-collar Australia: will Labor’s job package deliver?

Labor has finally delivered the detail of its much-awaited vision for shaping Australian industry beyond the mining boom. But will it deliver? In a two part series, UWA Professor Tim Mazzarol examines…
The Gillard government’s Industry and Innovation Statement aims to revive an ailing manufacturing sector and address Australia’s flagging productivity. AAP

Labor’s innovation plan provides hope for Australian manufacturing

While its launch in the heat of election battle was hardly propitious, the federal government’s new Industry and Innovation Statement, A Plan for Australian Jobs, is the long-awaited result of a serious…

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