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Truth, lies and honey

Hives that travel by truck, bees paid for their pollination service, adulterated honey, economic theories based on an imaginary social organization…
In the case of mānuka honey, there are serious questions about what authenticity actually means. from

Mānuka honey: who really owns the name and the knowledge

While industry bodies fight over who can claim that their mānuka honey is authentic, Māori interests are often left out of the debate.
The industry selling honey and bee products is booming. from

How better tests and legal deterrence could clean up the sticky mess left behind by fake honey row

The bee product industry is booming and in unregulated markets, there is a strong economic incentive to cheat. Self regulation combined with legal deterrence could help clean up the sticky mess.
Manuka honey’s antimicrobial effects are well understood. Wikimedia Commons

Manuka honey may help prevent life-threatening urinary infections

Manuka honey could prevent serious urinary tract infections caused by catheters – tubes used to drain patients’ bladders, new laboratory research has found.
Plenty of research shows that some varieties of honey have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits that are unrelated to nutrients. toholio/Flickr

Honey could be a potent medicine as well as a tasty treat

Honey has been regarded as a delicious and natural sweetener for at least 4,000 years. As well as a food, ancient peoples also regarded honey as an ointment and its antibacterial properties are currently…

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