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We need more transparency around specialist charges so referring GPs and patients can make informed decisions. Theen Moy/Flickr

For real health reform, turn the spotlight on specialists’ fees

The impact of specialist fees on government and patient budgets has received little reform attention. This is despite the government’s push for controls in health-care spending and growing evidence of…
The AMA proposal would wipe out 97% of the government’s $3.5bn savings. Newzulu/AAP

AMA co-pay plan: protecting the poor and GPs’ bottom line

Bulk billing without restrictions has been a feature of the Australian health system since the introduction of Medicare in 1984. It is particularly important in general practice, as it means any Australian…
The new Extended Medicare Safety Net will no longer provide patients with protection against high medical costs. flickr:tanakawho

A new, simpler Medicare safety net… but with holes

Buried in the details of the health budget are some changes to Medicare not widely discussed in the last 36 hours. Just as important as the introduction of co-payments for medicines and GP visits are changes…

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