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News Corp Australia’s free newspaper MX will wind up in a fortnight, the latest victim of the digital revolution. AAP/Julian Smith

MX axed: how your mobile killed off the freebie paper

You might have loved its cheeky light news, or avoided it as (literally) trash. Either way, MX will cease to exist. The killer? Your mobile phone.
EPA/Andrew Gombert

Glimpses of gold in rivers of mud?

Mr Murdoch is reported to be smiling once more, or at least his investors are. News Corp’s shares are up nearly 7% on the back of increased revenues and earnings from book publishing, education and…
Former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams speaking with journalist Kerry O'Brien at a QUT business leaders’ forum. Kim Stephens/Brisbane Times

Former News Corp chief plays coy on election coverage

In his first major speech since his sudden resignation last month as News Corp Australia’s chief executive, Kim Williams had the packed Grand Ballroom at Brisbane’s Hilton hotel abuzz with speculation…

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