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Will she visit Taiwan or not? Either way, China has made its views known. Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Why the big fuss over Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan?

The White House has distanced itself from the US House speaker’s potential visit to Taiwan. But does it still signal a shift in policy over diplomatic ties with the island?
Donald Trump in front of Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, July 3, 2020. Saul Loeb/AFP

Donald Trump’s heroic fantasy

An analysis of Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore reveals the underbelly of his constant use of heroic rhetoric.
An influential Trump prophecy movement believes Trump’s election was part of God’s plans. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Trump prophecy and other Christian movements: 3 essential reads

A Trump prophecy movement believes that his election was part of God’s plan. This round up from our archives explains a fast- growing Christian movement and some others from the past.
Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, has fought a battle with conservatives in his party for the speakership. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

What does the speaker of the House do? Here’s what Kevin McCarthy’s successor will have for a job

The speaker of the House is the most visible and authoritative spokesperson for the majority party in the House. But their role goes beyond politics to everything from accounting to procurement.
A Halloween gathering in Los Angeles for children who live on the street, in shelters or in cars. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

How racism has shaped welfare policy in America since 1935

On the 20th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s promise to “end welfare as we know it,” a social work scholar asks why child poverty is still such a problem in the U.S. and what race has to do with it.
They politics is show business for ugly people? Either way, types like Mike Huckabee have completely blurred the line between the two.

Obama is a Muslim Black Panther! Republican candidates and the conservative media

Last week marked the launch of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee’s conservative talk radio program, The Huckabee Show. It also marked a sea-change from this time last year, when Huckabee topped national…
Republicans today went to the polls on Super Tuesday, but no clear candidate for the presidential nomination emerged. EPA/Ryan Stone

Super Tuesday: what we learned about the Republican presidential race

Voting in the Super Tuesday Republican primaries has ended in every participating state except Alaska. The results have been shared: front runners Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have all…
Voters elect delegates who pledge support to a particular candidate. EPA/Michael Reynolds

Explainer: Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is billed as the most important day for any US presidential nomination contest, and this year it’s more fascinating than ever. Fewer states are voting than usual and the Republican party…
Mitt Romney has targeted voters in different market segments in his bid to win the Republican nomination. EPA/Michael Nelson

Would you like fries with your vote? The rise of political marketing

One of the more interesting techniques emerging from the United States Republican Nomination Primary Contest has been the strategy being used in television advertising by some candidates, in particular…
Rick Perry failed to distinguish himself among an uninspiring field of contenders. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Oops … I was wrong: why Perry fell and Gingrich is rising

I stated on The Conversation last August that Rick Perry would become the next President of the United States in 2013. Instead, the Texas governor dropped out of the race last week, unable to establish…
Can the Republican party get behind Mitt Romney despite the misgivings of the base? AAP/Michael Reynolds

South Carolina primary: can a divided Republican house unite around Romney?

By rights, Mitt Romney should be on the ropes. In the years leading up to the Republican presidential primaries, he supported small-l liberal positions on anything from abortion and gun control to climate…

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