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The Groundswell protest claimed regulation and taxes are unfair to farmers – the economic numbers tell a different story

Farmers from the Groundswell movement want more concessions from the government but the environmental and economic cost might be more than New Zealand can afford.
Hagen Hopkins/Mark Tantrum (Getty)

Contrasting styles, some substance: 5 experts on the first TV leaders’ debate of NZ’s election

From policy to performance, a panel of five political experts analyses the first televised leaders’ debate of the 2020 New Zealand election campaign.
Malcolm Turnbull campaigned on promises of a stable government – but given the Coalition’s slim victory, this may not be possible. Paul Miller/AAP

Views from abroad: how does the world see Australia’s political instability?

To understand how Australia’s political uncertainty is being seen elsewhere, we reconvened our panel of experts from the UK, US, Indonesia and NZ to respond to the election results.

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