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Ritzy red wine has come to represent political influence-peddling in the resignation of NSW premier Barry O'Farrell. AAP/Julian Smith

O'Farrell resignation: red wine, political blood and cultural memory

Political scandals, the perennial product of the grinding gears of greed and governance, proliferate in the age of digital media, the 24-hours news cycle and anti-corruption bodies with wide powers. Constant…
Mike Baird leaves a party meeting after being elected unopposed as the next leader of the NSW Liberal Party. AAP/Daniel Munoz

Baird elected NSW Premier, flags disclosure changes

Mike Baird is the new premier of New South Wales with Gladys Berejiklian as deputy leader of the NSW Liberal Party, after being elected unopposed at a party meeting this afternoon. The result was all but…
Mike Baird is the man chosen by the Liberal Party to replace Barry O'Farrell as premier. Who is he, and what challenges does he now face? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

From O'Farrell to Baird: a new start for NSW politics?

Mike Baird has been elected unopposed as the new NSW Liberal Party leader, and will soon become the state’s 44th premier after the shock resignation of Barry O'Farrell yesterday. But what are the prospects…
NSW premier Barry O'Farrell has fallen victim to the state’s ICAC, resigning his post earlier today over a ‘memory fail’ in the evidence he gave before it. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

History repeats: how O'Farrell and Greiner fell foul of ICAC

Today, the New South Wales Independent Commission into Corruption (ICAC) claimed its biggest political scalp in two decades. Liberal state premier Barry O’Farrell resigned after what he has described as…
Barry O'Farrell has resigned after acknowledging that his denial to ICAC of receiving expensive wine, was incorrect. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

O’Farrell fell short of basic standards in business and public life

It is tragic that New South Wales has lost an able and dedicated Premier apparently over a bottle of wine, even if it is a $3000 bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange. Many will be sad to see Barry O’Farrell…
New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell has resigned over evidence tendered to an ICAC inquiry. AAP/Sophie Tarr

Barry O'Farrell quits as NSW Premier over ICAC ‘memory fail’

New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell has rocked the Liberal Party by quitting over evidence contradicting his earlier denial to the Independent Commission Against Corruption that he was given a $3000…

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