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The sun sets over electric pylons along a solar farm near Weifang in eastern China’s Shandong province in March 2024. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Emotions may matter more than facts in shaping individual support for renewable energy, new study shows

Emotions help shape opinion on energy sources. Understanding this can allow us to design better zero-carbon policies.
Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, CEO of the United Arab Emirates’ state oil company, will be leading the COP28 United Nations climate conference. Francois Walschaerts/AFP via Getty Images

Backlash to the oil CEO leading the UN climate summit overlooks his ambitious agenda for COP28 – and concerns of the Global South

An analysis of past UN conference presidencies suggests the 2023 summit’s agenda would do more to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.
A decomissioned pumpjack near Cremona, Alta. Signifficant liabilities for cleaning up abandoned sites represents a regulatory failure and financial burden for all Canadians. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

How secrecy and regulatory capture drove Alberta’s oil and gas liability crisis

Decades of secrecy and industry influence in Alberta have created a crisis of liability in abandoned oil infrastructure which only a serious course correction can hope to fix.
Renewable energy jobs often aren’t close to fossil fuel workers’ homes. Prapass Pulsub/Moment via Getty Images

Fossil fuel workers have the skills to succeed in green jobs, but location is a major barrier to a just transition

In a greener future, what becomes of current fossil fuel workers? Despite possessing skills applicable to green industries, their geographical locations will limit their opportunities.
The resounding ‘yes’ vote in a referendum on halting oil extraction in the Yasuní, an area of vital ecological importance, is a huge victory for Ecuador. (AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa)

A month after Ecuador’s historic vote to end oil extraction in Yasuní National Park, its lessons are as vital as ever to Canadians

The decision of the people of Ecuador to halt oil extraction in the Yasuní is a trend-setting precedent of global importance and a victory that Canadians should build upon.

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