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Articles on Paris attacks 2015

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that a new terrorism threat advisory system, which had been recommended by ASIO and been subject of extensive consultation, was now coming into operation. Lukas Coch/AAP

Turnbull warns of increased threat of terrorism in the region after recent attacks

Malcolm Turnbull has asked Australian law enforcement agencies to test their responses to a mass casualty attack in the wake of the killings in Paris and elsewhere.
In Egypt, the Great Pyramid was illuminated with the French, Russian and Lebanese flags in solidarity with victims of terrorist attacks, but most of the focus in the West has been on the victims in Paris. EPA/Khaled Elfiqi

Solidarity after Paris means being more attentive to suffering elsewhere

Selective sympathy raises troubling questions. If you neglect suffering in other places, it is much more difficult to mobilise political actors to take it seriously.
A Truth graphic.

Words Our Security Chiefs Are Not Allowed to Say

After the Paris attacks Australians are nervous that we will be next. Their fears are justified. With news media often reminding us that Australia is second only to the United States in its military commitment…

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