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Pelé inspired millions with his exploits on the soccer pitch, but also had to confront power to extract himself from the sport’s social constraints. Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Pelé was ensnared by ‘Brazilian-style racism’ but stood firm as dictatorship tried to keep him playing

Pelé become a symbol of the Black diaspora, a pan-African reference point and cosmopolitan icon.
A new documentary explores the life of Brazilian legendary soccer player, Pelé against the backdrop of the country’s politics. But the doc fails to ask the right questions about race and class. Here Pelé is shown in 1971, in Paris. (AP Photo/Levy)

‘Pelé’ doc kicks up questions on race, violence and democracy in Brazil

Although Brazil is formally a democracy, the practice of torture is ongoing, especially for Black Brazilians. Soccer creates an illusion of fairness is which is increasingly hard to sustain.

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