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Had Peter Dutton won the 2018 leadership ballot and become prime minister, the governor-general may have had some tricky legal arguments on his hands. AAP/Ellen Smith

If Dutton had defeated Turnbull, could the governor-general have stopped him becoming prime minister?

The Constitution says that the governor-general can only act to fill a vacancy in the prime ministership if there is one - but in this case, some complex questions would have arisen.
He will be regarded as a safe and uncontroversial choice, although some critics will say the government should have looked beyond former military ranks. Sean Davey/AAP

NSW Governor David Hurley will be Australia’s new Governor-General

Prime Minister Scott Morrison timed his news conference in Canberra with the governor-general designate to coincide with Bill Shorten’s opening address at the ALP national conference in Adelaide.
A down-to-earth bloke with a CV to make some other leaders blush, Peter Cosgrove was made to be a modern governor-general. AAP/Dave Hunt

Peter Cosgrove, groomed by a life of service to be our GG

In racing terms, there are favourites, odds-on favourites and unbackable favourites. Then there is Peter Cosgrove. About the only person not certain over the past three months that Cosgrove would be appointed…
Prime minister Tony Abbott has formally announced General Peter Cosgrove as Governor General designate. AAP/Alan Porritt

Cosgrove promises to listen but avoid public controversy

Governor-General designate Peter Cosgrove wants to visit “stressed” indigenous communities in tandem with Australian of the Year Adam Goodes to see what their conditions are like. But Cosgrove, 66, whose…
Peter Cosgrove is on the Coalition’s shortlist for new governor-general, if they win government. AAP/Paul Miller

Cosgrove on Coalition’s governor-general shortlist

Former Defence Chief Peter Cosgrove is likely to be at the top of the short list for the next governor-general if Tony Abbott becomes prime minister. The Coalition is concerned that the Gillard government…

Cosgrove urges Pacific economic union

Former defence chief Peter Cosgrove has proposed Australia enter an economic union with Pacific countries, saying this would promote stability in the region. General Cosgrove said that while this perhaps…

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