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Carvings made over decades by Basque herders are endangered as their canvas, the aspens, are at risk. Sawtooth Mountains, 2011, Idaho Basque Arborglyphs Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Albertsons Library, Boise State University

Arborglyphs – Basque immigrant sheepherders left their marks on aspen trees in the American West

Herders carved names, slogans, nude silhouettes and more into the trees around them during lonely seasons in the mountains. Now, researchers rush to find and record the arborglyphs before they disappear.
Matteo Collina

Using photos to create 3D models is helping us understand – and protect – complex marine environments

Photogrammetry, a technique where 3D information is extracted from photographs, is reducing the guesswork in counting – and understanding – the world below the ocean surface.
Three 3D views of Bradysaurus baini specimen (FMNH UC 1533). Scale bar equals 50 cm. Published in Van den Brandt et al. 2023 Credit: Fabio Manucci and Marco Romano

Meet the gigantic extinct reptile that weighed as much as an adult black rhino

Large pareiasaurs are among the earliest huge plant-eating tetrapods to appear in the history of the development of life on Earth.

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