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People with dementia aren’t currently eligible for voluntary assisted dying. Should they be?

The NT government has invited views on access to voluntary assisted dying. But whether it should include access for those with dementia is not so clear cut.
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Is assisted dying available equally to all in NZ? Questions next year’s review of the law must answer

Two years after the law came into force, just 40% of the 1,441 New Zealanders who applied for an assisted death were able to have one. Next year’s review has important questions to answer.
Given how quickly MAID eligibility has changed in Canada in the past six years, it is time we take a step back to ask whether current MAID practice is still something we want to support. (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)

As eligibility for MAID expands, the ethical implications of broad access to medically assisted death need a long, hard look

Since 2016, Canada’s practice of offering MAID has followed a trajectory of ever-expanding eligibility. The ultimate expansion would make MAID available to anyone who wanted it, for any reason.

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