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Embarking on the path to a PhD is a scary business. Shutterstock

Want to do your PhD in Africa? Here’s what you need to know

Many people are left floundering when they try to get working on their PhDs. In Africa, this is often because the skills they need haven’t been developed earlier in their academic careers.
Africa’s doctoral graduates have a different role to play across the continent than they did in the years immediately after independence. Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

How African doctorates and doctoral candidates are changing

Doctoral studies are valued as an engine for development in Africa. If doctoral graduates are to meet this challenge, the very structure of the doctoral programme must change.
The big news here is the changes to culture and curriculum, not degree length. Dylan's World/Flickr

Curriculum reform at Sydney uni - separating the glitz from the grit

The University of Sydney has announced an overhaul of its undergraduate teaching. If achieved, some of these reforms could be revolutionary, but much of the media attention has focused on the less important aspects.

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