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You would recognise their designs: bright, bold, colours; clothing filled with fun. Step into Paradise gives us a glance at the women, as well as the fashion. Hugh Stewart/Powerhouse Musuem

Step into Paradise review: from koala jumpers to the Sydney Olympics, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson defined Australian fashion

With bright colours and a celebration of Australiana, designers Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson came to define Australian fashion. A new exhibition traces their nearly 50 years of creation.
Development is underway all around Sydney harbour – but has the public interest been well served? AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Sydney risks becoming a dumb, disposable city for the rich

The major political parties seem captive to an ideologically driven obsession to privatise public spaces – including the Powerhouse Museum site in Ultimo and other harbour-front sites.
The Museum’s actions create the perception that they does not understand, respect or value the design community.

How the Sydney Design festival poster competition went horribly wrong

Each year, Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum commissions one of Australia’s best design studios to create a poster and accompanying marketing material for the Sydney Design festival. This year they went for a…

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