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Governor Gavin Newsom holds a mock-up check for the first 15 Californians to be awarded US$50,000 for doing their part in getting vaccinated against COVID at the California Lottery Headquarters in Sacramento. ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

COVID vaccines: we need to find out which incentives actually work

Randomised controlled trials are used for drug trials. They should be used to find out of incentives to get the jab work too.
Little is known about what’s happening in Mozambique’s labour market, except that jobs are scarce for young people. Shutterstock

Nobel prize in economics: experiments are no substitute for diagnosis

The 2019 Nobel Prize in economics recognises the contribution of practical experimental work to development, but the value of putting diagnosis before treatment shouldn’t be lost.
Evidence isn’t always as straightforward as it might first seem. Mai Lam/The Conversation NY-BD-CC

Trust Me, I’m An Expert: Brain-zapping, the curious case of the n-rays and other stories of evidence

Brain-zapping, the curious case of the n-rays and other stories of evidence. The Conversation, CC BY70.4 MB (download)
You've had an x-ray before but have you had an n-ray? Of course not, because they're not real. But people used to think they were. Today, on Trust Me, I'm an Expert, we're bringing you stories on the theme of evidence.
So a tested medical intervention was found not to work. This should be just as big news as if it was found to be a success. from

Why we need to pay more attention to negative clinical trials

Why didn’t you hear about a recent big study on a new heart medication? Because the drug didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean the study wasn’t a success – it was.

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