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Conflicting recommendations about flu drugs has made it difficult for doctors to decide whether to prescribe them. Andrew Wales/Flickr

What kind of research can we trust?

Research involving pharmaceutical company input is notoriously compromised. While not all industry ties lead to biased research, and not all biases are a consequence of industry ties, many studies show…
Statistical significance doesn’t speak directly to the reproducibility of an experimental effect. Daniel Leininger

Putting psychological research to the test with the Reproducibility Project

An ambitious new project is attempting to replicate every single study published in 2008 in three leading academic psychology journals. It’s called the Reproducibility Project. As the name suggests, the…
Headlines can scare, but media reports on new medical treatments often overstate the benefits. AAP

Sick of medical spin? Don’t just blame the media

The “spin” sometimes found in media reports emphasising the benefits of new medical treatments has more to do with the abstracts…

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