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High-rise buildings amid shacks in Luanda. President Dos Santo has announced plans to retire amid growing unease among Angolans over deepening poverty despite a recent oil boom. Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko

Dos Santos maintains the status quo while suggesting change in Angola

Angola’s Dos Santos is buying time. His promise to step down is an attempt to diffuse growing political tensions, as repression continues. He might relinquish his position, but not his power.
Venezuelans deeply divided over the way their country is managed. EPA/JORGE CASTELLANOS

From pearls to oil: Venezuela’s long history of boom-and-bust

Protests continue unabated in Venezuela over inequality and abuses of power, with even the anniversary of Hugo Chavez’s death unable to restore calm to the country. Despite sitting on the world’s largest…
With the end of the boom looming, Australia is set to revisit some old economic concerns.

Revisiting the banana republic and other familiar destinations

We took the view in the 1970s – it’s the old cargo cult mentality of Australia that she’ll be right. This is the lucky country, we can dig up another mound of rock and someone will buy it from us, or we…

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