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Western Australia’s largest private solar array covers the roof of this food distribution centre in Perth’s south. AAP Image/Bidvest

Five things the east coast can learn from WA about energy

Despite its name, the National Electricity Market doesn’t reach WA. But those charged with guiding the eastern states’ energy transition should look west once in a while.
Resources-dependent regions like Gladstone provide a case study in the difficulties of a tourism-led economic renewal. AAP/Dave Hunt

Moving from resources to tourism is a bigger leap than we think

Tourism is one of the sectors expected to take up the slack of the waning resources boom, but new research suggests the transition won’t be easy.
With the end of the boom looming, Australia is set to revisit some old economic concerns.

Revisiting the banana republic and other familiar destinations

We took the view in the 1970s – it’s the old cargo cult mentality of Australia that she’ll be right. This is the lucky country, we can dig up another mound of rock and someone will buy it from us, or we…

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