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The Punch Powertrain Solar Team car from Belgium competes in the 2017 World Solar Challenge near Kulgera, Australia. AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Why aren’t there solar-powered cars?

It’s common to see solar panels on rooftops and fields, but they aren’t widespread on cars − yet.
South Africa’s coal fired power stations are breaching minimum emissions standards but shutting them down may jeopardise energy supply. Willem Cronje/Getty Images

South Africa’s new energy plan needs a mix of nuclear, gas, renewables and coal – expert

South Africa’s national electricity plan is being finalised. A scientist argues that an energy mix of nuclear, clean coal, renewable energy and gas is urgently needed to end 15 years of power cuts.
Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger – this one in China began operating in August 2023 and is 275 metres high. Lin Shanchuan / Alamy

Four good news climate stories from 2023

Including a positive way to think about tipping points.

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