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With around 700,000 panels, France’s Massangis solar farm generates 56 megawatts (MW) of power. The panels are manufactured by First Solar, a US company. Ibex73/Wikimedia

We need to talk about Chinese and US influence in Europe’s energy industry

Taking advantage of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, outside investors have acquired substantial stakes in what have long been regarded as “sovereign” assets that are critical for the EU’s energy strategy.
The Punch Powertrain Solar Team car from Belgium competes in the 2017 World Solar Challenge near Kulgera, Australia. AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Why aren’t there solar-powered cars?

It’s common to see solar panels on rooftops and fields, but they aren’t widespread on cars − yet.
A worker lifts a solar panel to the roof of a home in Frankfort, Ky. Small-scale solar infrastructure can deliver green energy at a fraction of the life-cycle emissions as large solar farms. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Small-scale solar has key benefits, and one critical weakness, over large solar farms

Looking to go solar? While small-scale solar delivers the best results with the least life-cycle impact, a mixed approach offers the best long-term path towards an all-electric future.
People shout slogans during a protest in Jakarta against plans to evict 7,500 residents from Rempang island to make way for a Chinese-owned glass factory as part of an ‘Ecocity’ development. EPA-EFE/MAST IRHAM

Victims of the green energy boom? The Indonesians facing eviction over a China-backed plan to turn their island into a solar panel ‘ecocity’

The international quest for green energy is reliant on ‘sacrificial zones’ in developing countries.
Deep sea sponges and other creatures live on and among valuable manganese nodules like this one that could be mined from the seafloor. ROV KIEL 6000/GEOMAR

Deep seabed mining plans pit renewable energy demand against ocean life in a largely unexplored frontier

Mining nodules from the deep ocean seabed could provide the metals crucial for today’s EV batteries and renewable energy technology, but little is known about the harm it could cause.

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