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The excavation team at Juukan Gorge in 2014. Courtesy of Scarp Archaeology and PKKP Aboriginal Corporation

The first published results from Juukan Gorge show 47,000 years of Aboriginal heritage was destroyed in mining blast

The Juukan 2 rockshelter was blown up in 2020. The results of an archaeological dig carried out six years earlier are only now being published for the first time.
Trismegist san, Shutterstock

Gone in a puff of smoke: 52,000 sq km of ‘long unburnt’ Australian habitat has vanished in 40 years

We compiled maps of bushfires and prescribed burns in southern Australia from 1980 to 2021 to see how fire activity is changing habitat for 129 threatened species such as mountain pygmy possums.
West coast of Barrow Island, overlooking the submerged northwestern shelf. Kane Ditchfield

We have revealed a unique time capsule of Australia’s first coastal people from 50,000 years ago

Barrow Island off the coast of Western Australia holds a unique record of First Nations people. For millennia, they lived on vast plains that are now drowned by the sea.
Amber Bracken World Press Photo Foundation/AAP

Beyond Juukan Gorge: how First Nations people are taking charge of clean energy projects on their land

Australia’s road to net zero must pass through Indigenous-held land, which is likely to host many clean energy projects. First Nations people want partnerships that help them protect their Country.

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