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West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan said West Australia has the “worst rate of methamphetamine usage in the country”. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

Full response from Mark McGowan on methamphetamine use in Western Australia

West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan's responded to The Conversation's request for sources and comment regarding our FactCheck on methamphetamine usage rates in Western Australia.
Colin Barnett and his wife Lyn celebrate the Liberal party’s crushing win the Western Australian state election. AAP/Tony McDonough

WA election: Barnett and the Liberals do it easy

Nobody thought that Labor would form government in Western Australia after the 2013 election. And with the current seat count at 30 for Colin Barnett’s Liberals, 18 for Labor and 6 for the Nationals, it…
The Colin Barnett led Coalition is set to retain government in Western Australia, but Labor under Mark McGowan has shown encouraging signs for the future. Tony McDonough/AAP

WA election: Barnett should win but not all lost for Labor

Putting your finger on the pulse of the WA public can be difficult at times. Even the day before an election. While the nation swims in federal polls, at a state level, survey data of Western Australians…
Western Australians are heading to the polls this Saturday, but it looks likely Premier Colin Barnett will be in for a second term. Alan Porritt/AAP

Western Australian election: all over bar the voting?

As Western Australian’s prepare to head to the polls this Saturday, where do the parties stand ahead of the state election? Opinion polls published since January have the Liberal and National alliance…
Labor leader Mark McGowan has been widely seen as the winner of last night’s debate ahead of the WA state election. ABC News

WA elections: McGowan wins debate, but damage to Barnett is minimal

Watching a political debate without the assistance of the worm can be difficult. Thankfully we have Twitter to provide us with indicators of the audience’s views. Even more useful is when party members…
WA premier Colin Barnett visits the scene of a bushfire in Margaret River. AAP/Tony McDonaugh

Labor in Western Australia: improving, but still a long way to go

Punishing opinion poll results have become a depressingly regular event for Labor in recent times, at federal level as well as in most states. It was thus something of a surprise when a Newspoll result…

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