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Whether barriers to adoption are always a bad thing is up for debate. shutterstock

Explainer: how hard is it to adopt in Australia?

We often hear that adoptions in Australia should be easier and quicker. But many safeguards in the adoption process are in place for a reason.
Deprivation and trauma and early childhood can affect the developing brain. Australian Human Rights Commission

Detained children risk life-long physical and mental harm

Many asylum seekers, including children, have experienced conflict, family separation and significant human rights violations. So how does immigration detention affect their mental health?
The Abbott government’s proposed adoption laws appear to have been influenced by high-profile campaigners like actor Deborah-Lee Furness. AAP/Jane Dempster

Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market

The Australian government seems intent on lessening protections for children adopted overseas despite national and international evidence showing greater protection is needed. Two important reports on…

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