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The focus on mathematics and other enabling sciences is diminishing in Australia. Flickr/eriwst

Australian science: healthy but starting to splutter

Australian science is “generally in good health”, but faces major challenges in the form of falling science participation and literacy in high schools, mostly stagnant enrolments at universities, and diminishing…
Scientists are concerned about dampening enthusiasm for mathematics, physics and chemistry on campuses. Flickr/Integrated Laboratory Network

Slow growth in maths, physics and chemistry alarms scientists

The take-up of “enabling” science subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and physics has fallen behind the overall increase in science enrolments at universities over the past decade, according to a report…
Watch your maths: an Australian Academy of Science report looks to be based around mistaken use or interpretation of numbers. Flickr/emdot.

Science not plummeting in schools: report is ‘way out’

The Federal Department of Education says it advised the Australian Academy of Science’s authors of a break in the series of student-numbers when it supplied the data. The lead author, Professor Denis Goodrum…

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