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There are several different brands of lactation cookies on the market geared towards breastfeeding mums. From

No, there’s no evidence cookies can help with lactation

Milk and cookies might be a famous combination, but there’s little evidence so-called lactation biscuits can promote milk flow in breastfeeding mothers.
Bach’s remedies come from his personal connection to flowers. from

Science or Snake Oil: do ‘rescue remedies’ ease stress?

Bach’s rescue remedies are tiny amounts of boiled flowers mixed with brandy. There’s little surprise there’s no evidence of their effectiveness.
Glucosamine for osteoarthritis is one of the most commonly used complementary medicines in the western world. from

Science or Snake Oil: is glucosamine good for joints?

There is evidence glucosamine can provide relief in osteoarthritis patients, but not enough to support its use as a preventative.
‘Skinny teas’ might not have any properties to help you lose weight, but they might remind you you’re on a diet. from

Science or Snake Oil: do skinny teas boost weight loss?

You may be better off buying regular green or black tea and spending more on fruit and vegetables.
Horseradish hasn’t been studied, and studies on garlic found it probably does nothing. from

Science or Snake Oil: will horseradish and garlic really ease a cold?

Complementary medicines are increasingly invoking traditional use when the science does not add up. Horseradish and garlic products provide a good example.

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